Blue Health

She told me
To let my sorrow out the door
But she can’t see
There’s a man behind my hear
Waiting for the windows to be open
And I don’t why
He’s always waiting for me to sing the blues
And there’s no doors I can take
So she won’t know
About this man whimpering inside my head
So I turn my heart sideways during winter
So please, don’t turn around
During the cloudy days
There’s no words to stop this blue storm



A heartbeat
Underneath her
Playing over and over
In his head

There are no muted sounds
Between their stares
Only beating impulses



I stole grass
Then sold them as flowers
To show her
There’s no such thing

So I won’t take the dust
From her broken machine
It’s an open fire


The lights falling
Against the wall

The days convey our steps
In this tiny box
With no windows


There are no answers
For this flower
In spring


A glass door behind a wall
Pushing you
Waiting for you
To sleep
As the heavens dissolve
Between your fingertips
As your dreams bloom
Behind your ear
Don’t grab too tight
Just write for me
Don’t delay
Or move


Please, bend your thoughts upwards
Let the tiny puppet in your head
Play your bones
And cover your chest
With white lies
It’s a miracle made of honey
So don’t play with your words
Take your letters to the pavement
I’m waiting for those stanzas
Sing me a chorus
There’s no waiting

Mental Health Awareness Month

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Mental Health is really important for me. We should break the sigma when it comes to mental health. I been fighting with my depression for years. The hardest part was not able to speak about it or knowledge it. We should reach out and help others. It’s not a simple thing, but complex. It’s hard for me to describe and even to explain. Just spread love for those struggling with their mental health.


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Good luck

My golden dream is sitting by my glass door
As I dwell in my memories
I see every drop of snow
Pushing me
An idea I can’t pass on
I shove my heart through the blue snow
I have no time to lose
I have so many tiny thoughts in my head
I’m lost
No words to speak
But you can have my smile