About A Cat

Don’t waste your hug on me
Don’t waste your time with my nose
I’m not here to entertain you
I’m the background
So, don’t count on me
Or call me by my name


*** The title of the poem is a reference to Nirvana’s About A Girl.


 I can see the words
Falling from his mouth
Oh no,
He’s too loose about his past
No Control
As his eyes wonder off
 I knew
He couldn’t speak
Or move
But I don’t have the right
To speak about his youth
Underneath his heavy sun


 I’m waiting underneath a lifeless tree
For my dreams
But nothing comes to mind
Only an aging fire
I refuse to take the stairs

 As my skin turns red
And mouth dries out
I won’t turn the page
I love the abuse

 I will wait
and take a heavy swing