fall asleep

An ocean
Is pushing our love
As you travel to our sky
I can feel it
Underneath my eyelids
The sun take
The last word
Don’t panic
It’s only the clouds


Salty snow

The snow weeps and weeps 
And every snowflake evades
The salty surface


*** An old poem …


There’s no pale snow 
So take a step back 

A heartache
An eerie dream 
About a sandstorm  

Making the nights longer
time prolongs 
the pain inside your bones 

a sick motion 
a silence 
a simple distance 


A grey cloud swings by … in my dream 
It’s growing bigger, uncontrollably 
It’s fiddling with my heavy heart 
Pulling every note 
Making substitutions 
It’s getting too much for my feeble heart 
The gritty voices are spreading 
All over my naked eyes



Let, the crows rest upon my chest and around my arms 
I have lost my troubled soul 
Please, let time fall in place
Don’t hold 
There’s no white lights behind me 
So take my single drum 
My body will hit the ground 
As I fall asleep 


There’s a light switch inside my torso 
My poor empty heart is not pumping fuel 
No transmission 
No wavelengths

Running through my pink blood
And a silence is ringing inside my ear
this feeling is moving uncontrollably in my stomach 
tiny explosions in every corner